Simple Thoughts

My son never seems to cease to amaze me. Sometimes his words and his thoughts are so innocent and so simple. It makes me realize how we over analyze everything. How we have a tendency to think too hard about things. We make everything complicated. We just can’t seem to look at things simply, innocently. How would our life change if we could just think simple thoughts?

As every day begins with my little man talking a mile a minute (for real who he gets it from is beyond me). It’s 6 am and he can’t stop talking about anything and everything. Then one of his simple, innocent comments stuns the air.

“Equals. Equals 5 people. Tristan is 1 (as he points to the sky), 2 is Addie, 3 is me, 4 is daddy, and 5 is mommy. There are 5 people in our family. 5 people in our family, then Tristan died, that equals 4.”

My husband and I just kind of glance at each other in that knowingly way of painful joy and simply reply well that is right.


There was no anguish in his simple statement. Just a fact. There are 5 people in our family. Only 4 live on this earth. I couldn’t get his words out of my head all the way to work. How proudly and how easily he said it. Just like when we were at the clothing store, and he proudly told another mother.

“I have my sister Addie, she is right there, and I have my brother Tristan but he died. He had a big boo boo on his head, and now he is better and lives in the sky.”

What if all my thoughts were so innocent and simple. What if I stopped over analyzing everything? (Because I am the queen of over analyzing.) What if I just stopped worrying, stopped criticizing, stopped complaining, and thought in simple thoughts. How often have I complicated or made situations worse by thinking to hard?


So I spent the rest of the day “thinking simply.” This does not mean I stopped trying to be a problem solver and take care of business at work. I just made those thoughts, emotions that usually stress me out, aggravated me, and thought of them as simple.

So in my attempt to think simple. I had to come up with ways to guide my steps.

To not over analyze. To think simply. To think innocently. Here are my 5 tricks to think simply.

1.I smiled.

Yeah seems easy right. Well I smiled even when the kids were acting up, even when they were being disrespectful. I did not allow their behavior, the frustration of them not paying attention to affect me. (I am a middle school teacher, so this is a daily occurrence.

2. I let it go.

Did you start singing the Frozen song? Yeah, me too. But for real, LET IT GO! When that colleague comes along and says something that just doesn’t sit right with you. (Like they do every single day.) Instead of telling them off or letting it bother you. Let it Go! Let it Go! Don’t let it hold you back anymore! (Sorry, it’s my daughter’s favorite movie. 

3. I took a deep breath.

Every moment I wanted to allow the anxiety to open up and swallow me. Every time I wanted to start over analyzing. I stopped myself and took a deep breath. I told myself to let it go. And to look at it simply.

4. Laugh.

I know it sounds silly. But I have found if I can laugh about it, it 1) isn’t that serious, and 2) it allows me to take a moment and NOT over think the situation.

5. I gave it to God.

When the situation was a little too much to just think simple. I gave it to God. I allowed him to take over the frustration, and said here take it.


By the end of the day, I was surprised how I felt. I was relaxed, and had more energy than I normally do. I even had some of my kids asking me, “Mrs. T you seem happy today.” All I could do was laugh. I was able to finish my day with enough energy to play with my children at home, to do a few chores, and enjoy my time with my husband. All because I stopped using my energy on things that didn’t deserve it. I thought simply.

Do you have ways that you think simpler and that help you to stop spending energy on over thinking?


August 8, 2017
August 10, 2017