Letter to My Coach

A letter from a coach's wife, to her coach.

Dear Coach,

The last 9 years have taken us on quite an adventure. We have been dealt our fair share of struggles but we have also had several triumphs. As we once again, stand here at the entrance of the football season, I want to give you a few words to hold onto before we run out onto the field of life once again.


We love you Coach. We are about to embark on another season of very little time with you. One that consist of more late night kisses, and missed mornings than I care to think about, but we will take every chance we get to see you, kiss you, and hug you. You are the most amazing father, and example of not only hard work, but a man following the direction in which God told him too. So as you approach that midseason slump, you are becoming exhausted and running on fumes, remember, we love you.


We are your biggest fans.   We will be there every single Friday (or Thursday) night cheering you and your boys on. No matter how late the stadium lights burn we will be standing there waiting for you until the end. We will be ready to give kisses and hugs for victories and defeats. Win or Lose, you are our favorite coach.


You are growing his kingdom. It wasn’t until recently that I truly understood what you do. With each year I have gained more football knowledge, and learned more of the nuts and bolts of the behind the scenes of the coaching world. I have watched as you have touched the lives of so many young men, growing them into men this world needs. I have seen lives changed, young boys who come to you as their father. But until recently, I did not see the true calling of your career. You are growing the Lord’s kingdom. This is not only your job but also your ministry. You are doing such wonderful work for the Lord, and I cannot be more proud of the man that you are.


I still need you. Yes, I can take care of the household, manage the kids, run all the errands, but I still need you. I will always need you. As self sufficient as I am, as much as I am “use to” this lifestyle, and taking care of it all. I still need you. I need your love, your attention, your affection, and your support. Sometimes, I may need a shoulder to cry on or someone to cheer for me. So as I handle it all, while you are busy at the field house, do not think for one moment, I don’t need you.


As the years pass, I gain more and more of an understanding of what you do. I also gain a better understanding of my role as your wife. We live with a unique lifestyle, that many others do not understand, but I love every minute of it.   Coach, you are the love of my life, my very best friend, and I love you.


Good luck this season, and know we are always here waiting for you at the end of the field.


We love you Coach!



Forever and Always

Your Wife and Kids

Letter to My Coach Submissions

To my coach,

Another season is upon us and as we know, time with the family will be limited once again...in spite of, I want you to know that I am continuing to support you in your dream to change lives! I will be in every stand and every game - as always! Your kids are OUR kids! I'm ready to listen to the ups and downs, the troubles and triumphs...my ear and heart are there for you. No one (other than another high school head coach's wife) knows how life changing for us this is, but I find peace in the gap by knowing that you are living your dream and I hope you find peace in the gap in knowing that your number one fan is right there in the midst of your dream! Anticipating another great season for you and our boys!

Love you babes...

Your wife,

To my husband on the first day of football season:

Here we are at the start of year 9. I still remember year one like it was yesterday. This road has been a roller coaster of emotions I never knew possible. The life of a coach's family isn't for everyone, but it is for us even on its worst day! Coming into it, I thought I knew what it was all about, but every year I learn a little more about being Coach Payne's wife! When the seasons end, we start a countdown to when it will start again! It's our life and what we love!

While you're gone these next 4-5 months we will be right here cheering you on every step of the way! I'll be taking on new duties and single mommin' it one day at a time! Never fails something major must occur each season to keep us on our toes. It takes a village and we have an awesome one to help us anytime so don't you worry about us!

This year, more than ever I feel like we are right where we are meant to be! The kids & I will miss the summer days with you but know that you're with the team getting ready for Friday night. Win or lose, we are your biggest fans & you make us proud no matter what!

You will never know the pride I feel being "Coach Payne's wife!" The long days without you all disappear when we see you out on that field smiling, running, jumping or sometimes yelling with the team. There is no place we would rather be on Friday nights than under those lights! The kids will scream your name a hundred times and if you see them just once I call it a win! After half time they will ask at least every 2 minutes if the game is almost over so we can go on the field to see you. Running on that field to you is the highlight of our week.

I can't wait to talk stats and local scores with you on game nights, see the excitement in our players at the pep rally and get those game day jitters on Fridays. Yes, I get them too.

You have a passion for not just coaching these players, but also teaching them life lessons! To see some of these kids come to you and trust in you as they would their own father is amazing. When we took on this profession, we were a family of 3 now we are a family of 70+. We wouldn't trade it for anything!

Good luck & we love you!

Dear Coach,

Another school year is here. Another year of football cheers as well as first day fears. I am so grateful for all that you do for not only our family, but for the children whose lives you touch everyday. I am proud to see your past graduates in the streets & know that they are respectable men & women that I am very proud to say my husband taught/coached.
We look forward to the long season of Friday Night Lights.

We love you with all that we are. We are so proud to call you ours.

Love, Your Guidry Family
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To My Favorite Coach,

Thank you for everything you do! You help shape young men and help them reach their goals. You show them that hard work pays off and you teach them life lessons. Claire and I are very proud of you and love you so much! Here's to the best year yet!

Your Biggest Fan

To My Coach,

I heard your alarm go off this morning, (earlier than any person should have an alarm set for) and felt you get out of bed without a complaint. I heard the shower turn on and you trying your best to creep around the room in the dark trying to not wake me up. I heard you tell me you love me and felt you kiss my forehead like you do every morning and then heard the sound of the garage door and your truck. I heard you when you came back home, but not by the typical sounds of keys turning or doors closing, but by the sounds of little feet running across the floor and the sweetest little voice scream, "Daddy, you're back." I hear all of these things daily from August until (hopefully) December. The sounds of our life together, basically the same sounds that made up our lives 4 years ago when we got married. They are familiar sounds, almost comforting. It is our normal.

They are the sounds of love. Love for what you're doing, love for your family. I hold these sounds close to my heart but nothing compares to hearing your players talk about their love for you or hearing the parents of your players rave about how they love that you're coaching their son. Hearing your fellow coaches brag on you or your administrators. My heart swells seeing and hearing about all the lives you are touching.

In all the years I have known you, you have always loved what you do. Even in the years where it was hard to find a positive and the light got really dim, you continued to be a great leader and example for our family. I've never met a person who can balance wearing as many hats as you do! I am continuously in awe of your ability to do what you do and to give it as much effort as you do. I am extremely proud of you and appreciate everything you do for me and the boys. Thank you for taking me along on this ride with you and allowing me to enjoy the sounds.