Consider Him

We need to consider Him, because he considered us.

To say the last few weeks at work have been stressful would be an understatement. The fear of returning to such a place where I feel so unsafe and to be disrespected to such extremes makes my anxiety reach to new heights.


Tonight as I was reading my bible study it was talking about how we need to consider Christ when we feel as though we are to weary for our journey and are ready to give up.


“When you feel fearful about the future and you want to find hope…consider him.”  -Nancy Guthrie


Statement after statement…Consider him when you feel forgotten.  Consider him when you grow weary.  Consider him when you feel tired and want to give up.

Consider him.


The last few weeks I have not been considering him. I have allowed the hatred, the drama, the profound use of language, and the lack of respect to swallow me. I have allowed the uncertainty of the future to make me fearful and allowed it to cave me in to a dark hole of fear and anxiety. It has affected my attitude when I come home and my temper with my children. I forgot. I forgot to consider him.


When I look back over the loss of our son, I considered him. I constantly reminded myself of his sacrifice to give me a chance to see Tristan again. So why now? Why is it so hard to consider him now?

Consider Him

My Lord, gave up his life. He prayed for an entire evening, carried the very cross that would crucify him upon shoulders that endured great physical pain. Yet he allowed the scripture to be finish. He allowed them to mock him, ridicule him, and spit upon him. He allowed all of this, and I am complaining? He did not have to endure this pain, but he did. He did for me. He considered me.


He took the sins of the world, endured more physical pain than I could ever imagine…For me.  He considered me, while he hung there from that cross. He considered me with each lash that ripped the flesh from his back. He considered me when drew his last breath. So why is it so hard for us to consider him? Why are we so forgetful to consider the sacrifice he made, so we could live in eternity with him and Our Father?


Because he chose to consider me, I am able to see my son again. He considered me, and I get to live in eternity with him. He considered me, so I need to remember to consider him.


Are you ready to consider him in your trials? Can you give up your fears and anxiety of tomorrow, and remember to allow him to guide you?


Consider him, because he considered you in the darkest hour on this Earth.

August 8, 2017